What is ColRows

ColRows is a versatile data access control platform designed to streamline and centralize access control across various data sources.

Key Features

  • Unified Access Control - ColRows allows you to configure scalable access control rules at one central location, simplifying data access management across diverse data sources such as databases (SQL and No-SQL), data warehouses, data lakes, and files.
  • Smart Query Parsing - ColRows includes an inbuilt query parser that enhances entitlement policies and authorization decisions. It comprehends your queries rather than simply offloading authorization decisions to the data source. This enables granular access control at both row and column levels, even for databases like MySQL, MariaDB, and materialized views in PostgreSQL, addressing inherent limitations while considering user entitlements and data sensitivity.
  • User-Friendly Data Analysis - ColRows features a built-in SQL editor that facilitates data analysis for both technical and non-technical users. Analysts can leverage their SQL expertise to work with data immediately. This accessibility extends data analysis capabilities to a broader audience, including product owners, who can create visually engaging visualizations based on query results.
  • Integration Flexibility - ColRows seamlessly integrates with your existing software stack. For instance, it can connect to external policy engines like OPA to access user entitlements.
  • On-Premise Deployment – ColRows places a strong emphasis on on-premise deployment, ensuring that your sensitive data remains within your infrastructure. This choice addresses concerns related to multi-tenancy often associated with cloud deployments. Organizations with stringent data security and compliance requirements can benefit significantly from this deployment flexibility.
  • Support for a Data-Driven Culture – ColRows contributes to fostering a data-driven culture within your enterprise by enabling data access for all while maintaining robust data security measures.
  • Regulated Industry Compliance – In regulated industries like financial services, ColRows helps you meet access control certification requirements efficiently. Instead of maintaining separate access controls for each database, you can establish a unified control system within ColRows.
ColRows is a comprehensive solution that simplifies data access control, promotes data-driven decision-making, and ensures data security, making it a valuable asset for organizations across various industries.

Explore ColRows

To quickly start exploring ColRows please raise demo request on https://colrows.com or connect us on dev@corows.com We will be happy to walk you though all the awesome features we developed for you.