Zero-Trust And Unified Database Access Control

Integrate with your SSO provider and enable database agnostic fine-grained access controls


Why ColRows?

Scalable RBAC Controls

Implement dynamic row-level and column-level security based on data traits

REST Endpoints

Expose database queries as parametrized, secured REST Endpoints with high-availability and request validation

Embeddable Analytics

Scale your reporting with analytics embedded in your internal applications


Automatic delivery of analytics/insights into your inbox

Data Security at Enterprise Scale

Clustered Deployment

Clustering over WAN for high-availability

Identity Management

ColRows integrates with your identity provider to add fine-grained access control based on user attributes, group memberships and roles

On-Premise deployment

Ensure that sensitive data remains in your infrastructure with an option to deploy in the cloud or across a hybrid environment

Open Ecosystem

Integrate with your tech stack with partner apps or build your own on an open, API-first platform

About Us

Our mission is to empower organizations with robust data security measures and fine-grained access control capabilities that protect their valuable assets, maintain their customers' trust, ensure compliance with industry regulations and enable them to protect data at the most granular level while maintaining productivity and efficiency.

Our advanced access control platform allows organizations to define precise access permissions at the data element level. With our solution, you can grant or restrict access to specific data attributes, fields, or records based on user roles, data classifications, or other contextual factors. This level of control ensures that sensitive information remains protected, even in complex data environments.

We seamlessly integrate with existing data management systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your operations. Our solutions are designed to work across diverse data platforms and can be easily customized to fit your specific infrastructure requirements.

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